In simple terms, a sitemap (or site map) is a list of all the pages in your website. Sitemaps provide two benefits: easier navigation (for visitors of your site) and better visibility by search engines.

With the rise of modern SEO techniques the importance of the sitemap has been growing. Sitemaps are the best way to inform search engines about changes on your website.

As a development company, we always apply current SEO techniques on our customer's websites to ensure that they get top ranking on search engines. Not only on Google, but Yahoo, Bing and etc. as well.

Including sitemaps is one of the important tasks we perform when developing sites for our clients. And this is done either manually or dynamically according to the customer needs.

Typically a good site with lots of content changes regularly. In this case it is expensive and tedious to continually update the site map. For this reason, we feel that in some cases it is important to be able to auto generate a sitemap.

We evaluated some sitemap auto generating tools and following are some of the solutions we like:

It is obvious that selecting a sitemap generating mechanism is depending on several facts such as the nature of the site, sever side technology used etc. So making the correct decision is up to your experience in SEO and web development team.

Contact us if you would like help generating a sitemap for your site, have general web marketing, seo, or web design questions...