iBCS (Internet Business Consulting Services) is a web application, programming, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company. Our technology consultants help businesses be more successful by leveraging Internet and web-based tools and technologies.  Our experienced technology specialists help businesses run smoothly and gain a competitive advantage using modern Internet business tools. We provide the best and the most cost-effective consultancy services possible in a continually evolving digital world to help deliver a professional web presence for your business.

Why Internet Business Consultancy?

For the past 20 years the founders of iBCS have been using the Internet to solve real business problems. We like solving difficult problems. These problems range from better internal communication tools to business-to-consumer related problems. One example of an internal business issue is reducing paperwork and overhead in order to produce faster quotation turn around when those quotations require communication with people in four different countries.  An example of a business to consumer related problem is helping to produce required product documentation worldwide in more than 12 languages, thus reducing departments required to manage that work. Recently we helped a US based charity distribute financial information to thousands of its store partners by building a very complicated internal application to collect and manage the financial data providing transparency to the charities and partners. Our goal is to make your business process as effective as possible by leveraging the best technological tools available in the market today.

What is an Internet Business Consultant?

In the online / Internet business development world there are all kinds of titles that individuals and companies use. Unfortunately for us, this still is a relatively new industry, so the consumers of our services don't always understand what they are looking for. In fact, they usually say they are looking for a web designer or a web design agency.  Sometimes they say they are looking for an application developer or just a developer or someone to do "mobile apps". In reality, most of the time, they shouldn't talk to a designer, developer, or the "computer guy who knows about the Internet" until they have talked with an Internet Business Consultant to better define and understand what it is that they are trying to accomplish and what is the best way to go about it. Technology is complicated and it changes rapidly. Sure sometimes your brother-in-law can give good advice and sometimes that may be all that is needed. But if you have an important project or problem to solve, then an Internet Business Consultant is who you should talk to. 

What we do

At iBCS, we thrive in a digital world, where we are interconnected to exchange ideas and experiences. We bring development expertise to websites, mobile apps, and social media. We’re technical experts for the digital experience and we understand the behind-the-scenes technical world—where the overwhelming programming languages, code and other mumbo-jumbo exist. In our world, we work with designers and creative producers to provide programming resources for projects both large and small. We also speak plain English and are an affordable solution to take your ideas and deliver web solutions to help build your business. In fact, we even invest resources into great ideas. If you’re working on a great idea… call us! Today’s environment demands that your website not only wow customers, but drives them to buy products or services. At iBCS, we take an existing site, add the wow with great design partners, and integrate tools necessary to deliver real functionality. Our custom-built processes, combined with teamwork and communication, insures delivery on-time through quality processes.