Basic SEO Package

Annual Price: $5,489

Monthly Price $499


  • Monthly package requires a 3-month minimum contract
  • Annual price is for 11 months - the 12th month is free.


The Basic SEO Package is great for small businesses. The SEO basic Search Engine Optimization Package includes 15 hours per month of individualized SEO work. This work can be any variety of Search Engine Optimization Tasks including Link Building, Keyword Optimization, URL Optimization, helping add keywords to pages, etc.

It also includes a monthly Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Evaluation and consultation.

SEO & Web Marketing Components

  • An 18 point site inspection 2 times a year (every six months)
  • A 21 point page inspections, once a month for a total of 12
  • 12 pages optimized and tracked, one each month
  • 40 CCI (Certifiable Competitive Indexed) Keywords Targeted, re-evaluated at each marketing review meeting.
  • High Quality CLV (Certifiable Link Value) Creation = 750  
  • 12 Optimized Press Releases, reviewed and pushed to social networks, national syndicates/traditional news-wire & niche markets; one each month
  • Google & Bing Feed Management - Completed twice a year (every six months)

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