At IBCSCorp, our software architects, programmers, graphic designers, and internet marketing professionals know how to develop software to best meet the needs of our clients. Here are several of today’s most popular languages in which we excel.


1. Python

Python is the fastest-growing programming language world-wide. It is the open-source, dynamic programming language behind applications such as Reddit, Instagram, SurveyMonkey, Quora, and YouTube. It’s also the source code for the open-source Django framework responsible for applications such as Spotify and Mozilla. While it began in the early 90’s, Python has had its most rapid growth in just the past few years and shows no sign of slowing down. According to Google Trends, Python has exceeded expectations with its increasingly upward trend. As the most in-demand programming language in the USA, Python has heavily influenced modern languages such as Go, and Julia. This language is popular for its 3D rendering, GUI-based desktop applications, and scientific computing capabilities. It is the language of choice for programs in data science, engineering, machine learning, mathematics, computational science, and the like. It also has first-class integration with C++, making it a prime language for CPU and design intensive applications. Python is also known for its user-friendly data structures. Despite its niche in the academic market, it is very versatile, and can be used for about as many applications as you can think of. As one of the world’s most popular programming languages, Python is very actively supported. Therefore, you can always find enough libraries and frameworks to support whatever project you are working on. You can’t go wrong with Python. Our database of resumes has over 16,000 Python Programmers to help you with your Python programming needs.


2. Javascript

JavaScript is a feature-rich, object-based scripting language which is popular for adding dynamic, interactive elements to web applications and browsers. Among other utilizations, Javascript is the number one language for client-side validation, which is essential for a user-friendly web interface. For example, when a customer fills out an order form for your product and forgets to enter a shipping address, client-side validation alerts the customer to provide the required information. Without this, webpages are confusing and turn away customers. Most popular websites today utilize Javascript including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Youtube. Javascript has been around for decades, in fact, it is one of three languages that helped build the internet! One of its main benefits is that JavaScript is supported on all web-browsers. It is also essential for most mobile application development. These capabilities are absolutely necessary in today’s market where you need to reach customers through various and sometimes multiple browsers, mobile devices, cloud services, and servers. JavaScript is continuously being updated, and has gone through several major modifications in the past four years. This high-level language is the base for front-end frameworks such Angular, React, jQuery, Vue, and Svelte. It can also be used to build organized network applications in collaboration with Node.js. Our expert development team here at iBCSCorp uses JavaScript fluently on a regular basis. This language is so popular, that I’d dare to say it’s impossible to serve our customers without expertise in JavaScript. Need a Javascript professional in-house? We have access to over 23,000 Javascript programmers and could place one with you as early as tomorrow, or you could just have our in-house team do the Javascript work for you.

3. PHP


PHP is a stable language that has been in development for twenty-plus years and is based on C and C++ languages. It is cross-platform, high-speed, open-source, and is currently being utilized by nearly 80% of websites. This is due to its incredible array of platforms like Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, and Magento which are especially popular for e-commerce and content management systems. PHP also has embedded security to protect against viruses. This language is popular for its high level of support for displaying graphics and PDF documents. It also uses its own memory, reducing loading time and increasing processing speed. This reduces development time, saving you money. It also has contributed largely to the popularity of the language, as quick loading websites are essential for driving recurrent internet traffic in these modern times. PHP is primarily used as a server-side language for creating professional, dynamic websites which are supported on all major web browsers and web servers. PHP offers maximum control over the display of content due to its only needing a few lines of code for the same effects other languages provide using much longer scripts. This makes editing a breeze, and keeps programming cost-effective. It is a language of choice for secure database management systems due to a built-in module that allows it to be efficiently integrated with multiple databases. iBCSCorp provides access to over 10,000 high-quality PHP programmers. Let su place one with you for customized PHP web services at pocket-friendly prices.

4. Java


Owned by tech giant Oracle, Java is one of the oldest programming languages, but that doesn’t mean it’s outdated. On the contrary, Java remains one of the most common and in-demand programming languages and was used in mobile development to create legendary apps such as Angry Birds, Temple Run, and Candy Crush. Java is the most popular enterprise application development software and is used by roughly 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies, including Amazon and Google. Like Javascript, Java is object-oriented, highly scalable, and user-friendly across multiple platforms, allowing your application to be accessed online through both mobile and traditional technologies. It was the first “write once, run anywhere” programming language, which allows our development team at iBCSCorp to make the most efficient use of your time and money. While many computers now come with java pre-installed, if you were to install Java about eight years ago you would see their declaration that over 3 billion devices run Java. Since then, it has become the prime language of new frameworks such as Hibernate, Spring, and Struts which have further increased its popular use. Further, Java is well-known for having always been backward compatible, so if we create a website in this language today, it will continue to be supported by Java for many years to come. We support software written 20 years ago in Java that still works on modern servers with little changes. Our resume database gives us access to over 44,000 Java developers.

5. HTML5


HTML5 became standardized in 2014, but still not all developers have made the switch to the new and improved version of one of the hottest languages on the web. This programming tool establishes links to other sites, resources, and documents. It is quick-loading for greater accessibility, is easily integrated with a majority of programming languages, and is the most search-engine friendly language available today. At iBCSCorp, we know multimedia and graphical content attract an audience and enrich the credibility of your company’s image. We provide a majority of audio, video, canvas, and SVG image content for our clients using HTML5 to create seamless delivery without the use of flash and third party plugins. We then utilize HTML5 to market your website so that it appears to your target audience at the top of the page after a search in google and other search-engines. HTML5 is unique in its proficient error handling, mobile-friendly abilities, and increased control. Mobile devices are the most popular way to access the web, so our clients benefit from websites that are as mobile-compatible as possible. This newer version provides greater consistency between browsers and on mobile devices by maintaining the integrity of your websites visual dimensions and interactive features. It also is compatible with all modern browsers, increasing the accessibility of your web content. Further, many newer HTML tags utilize a JavaScript-based API, allowing our programmers greater control to create dynamic and user-interactive graphs or images to enrich your message. Due to its superior canvas ability, HTML5 can also be used to create mobile apps, games, or custom graphics. With access to over 7,500 of these professionals, we promise to provide you with a good fit for your team.

6. CSS


Cascading Style Sheets are primarily used to make websites responsive so that they display appropriately on screens of various sizes. This programming tool is often paired with HTML and JavaScript to add design elements. CSS is incredibly time and cost-efficient. It allows our programmers to use one line of code for a sheet that follows your entire website instead of having to recreate the design and custom format it to each individual page. This reduces the amount of code that needs to be loaded, which allows your website to load more quickly. It is also easy to maintain, so if there is anything you would like to edit after seeing a prototype of your content, most changes can be made overnight. Our access to over 22,000 CSS programmers at iBCSCorp will save you time and money while increasing the sophistication and speed of your website while allowing you to continuously customize your content.

7. SQL


Structural Query Language is used for maintaining a database. We use this language to create, retrieve data from, and update databases to provide your company with advanced data science and business intelligence tools. From these we analyze data and provide you with graphs, statistics, and valuable business information. In other words, we provide tools showing you where your internet traffic comes from, which web pages clients spend the most time on, which of your products are most popular, ect., and use that feedback to help you manage and improve your business. SQL databases are easy for both us and our clients to manage, can be web-based or downloaded to a secure server, and encrypt sensitive data. For clients who seek data management and business analytics, iBCSCorp has over 20 years of professional experience providing SQL database development services. Our favorite SQL databases are Postgresql, Ms SQL(microsoft), and MySQL. Not only does our in-house team have years of experience with this language, but we also have access to over 46,000 resumes with SQL and other popular non-SQL databases such as elasticsearch.

8. C# (C-Sharp)


C# is a high-level, object-oriented, and open-source language which was developed by Microsoft using C as its backbone. It is an extension upon C and C++ and is a competitor to Java. C# runs on the .NET Framework. It is a general-use computer programming software that is used to develop, among other things, games, web, desktop, and mobile apps. Until GO became a popular language in 2018, C# ran faster than any other programming language. It is known for its high level of internet security, and is prime for development of gaming software, ecommerce, and auctioneering applications. iBCSCorp provides you with access to over 10,000 resumes of C# programmers.

9. Golang


Go is a relatively new language which was released by Google in 2009 and has quickly become one of the most trendy technologies. It is deployable on multiple platforms and all modern web browsers. While most languages run on a single processor, this one runs on multiple processors. Because Go machine codes instead of having a virtual runtime, it currently runs faster than any other language on the market. Incredibly, it also features high-concurrency. This means it can run tasks simultaneously without taking a hit to its processing speed. It is the ideal language for cloud based and mobile application development. These features make Go a great resource if you are looking for a language to build a fast, scalable application that will grow with your business. Go is unique because it compiles to various operating systems, so that it can be developed on one operating system and run on another. Among other things, this makes it easier to test the program. This strongly typed language includes gofmt, golint, and vet codes which make it easy to test and catch bugs for a clean, crisp final project. We use these functions on every build to check for high-level performance. As an additional benefit, GO includes garbage collection, or automatic memory management, which keeps the application running well with little time and effort. Let us help you grow your business by matching you with one of 13,000 Go professionals.

10. Swift (iOS Development)


When beginning a programming project, we recommend you first think about what you want your program to perform and look like. As a tech giant, Apple is widely-used and constantly staying up to date to maintain their status as a common household name in the future. Swift is primarily used to develop iOS applications for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, and Linux, as well as the lesser known tvOS and watchOS systems. As stated on, Swift is 2.6x faster than Objective-C and 8.4x faster than Python. It’s speed, safety, and time-efficient features have led it to gaining an incredible amount of popularity amongst our clients in the past six years. Swift is a clean language which automatically tests for app performance. Through Swift, our developers can create several lines of code to test its function without having to create the entire application before knowing if it will work as required. This reduces the testing and editing phases of our development process as it ensures that bugs can be found and fixed faster as well as ensuring more generally that your application works exactly to your specifications. Swift uses a garbage collector function similar to Go through which it increases your app’s performance without lagging memory or CPU. These factors enhance your apps speed and performance while reducing the time it takes to be programmed. Swift outperforms C-based programming languages. Swift uses one file instead of both a header and implementation file. It is also based on dynamic libraries and supports pre-existing code. This means applications will be supported by newer versions of Swift in the future, which allows them to take up less storage space as external codes are only linked when updated. Swift is capable of replacing around 70% of Objective-C mobile application development coding. These features allow our Swift programmers to develop a long-lasting product that can be updated for the future in less time and with less cost to you than companies which still rely on Objective-C programming - serious considerations for a long-term investment. If you are one of the smart business owners choosing to develop an iOS app let us assure you our expertise in the brand-new Swift outperforms the choice of Objective-C. For this reason, it is quickly being adopted by Apple’s competitors as well. Swift simply performs better than compiled languages by improving development speed, reducing chance of error, and providing remarkable processing speed. To discover more benefits of Swift, or to be matched with one of 6,000 iOS developers, speak with our experts today!

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