• Strong proficiency in MySQL database management with recent versions of MySQL
• Understanding of MySQLs underlying storage engines, such as InnoDB
• Experience with replication configuration in MySQL(Master slave, Master-Master)
• Create and Manage MySQL users with proper permissions.
• Drive performance tuning, Query Tuning and monitoring the performance using tools
• Tuning MySQL servers configurations as per the workload.
• Demonstrated ability to implement High Availability, Work Load Management and Fail Over, Disaster recovery
• Experience in handling large scale migrations and expertise in ETL tools (any).
• Ability to plan resource requirements from high level specifications
• Knowledge of limitations in MySQL and their workarounds in contrast to other popular relational databases
• Experience in any Public cloud platform (AWS/Azure etc).
• Familiarity with other SQL/NoSQL databases such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.
• Good experience in Linux Environment




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