Custom Programming

Custom software programming plays a vital role at iBCS. As a consulting services company, we direct our clients to the best alternatives to meet their needs. This is often through Open Source, or other off-the-shelf software, requiring some implementation and minor code modification. Sometimes software needs modification with additional plug-ins. Other times it's better to build a new application to meet specific needs.

We recommend to clients looking for a web based application or website that it's essential their provider has the technical expertise to make modifications to the web application they are implementing, not just implementation experience.

iBCS offers a full range of custom programming services including:  custom web application development, iPhone or Android application development,  modification of existing software, or building-out plug-ins to add specific functionality to an existing application.

Why Custom Programming for "Out-of-the-Box" Packages?

Many people don't realize that in many cases, Open Cart, Magento eCommerce, Drupal, Jooomla, Wordpress or other open source solutions require additions, modification or fixing of plug-ins to work properly--or to meet business requirements. These links lead to examples of additional plug-ins (or plug-in modifications) we have developed:

Magento custom programming | Magento Plug-in development

Drupal custom programming | Drupal plug in development

Wordpress custom programming | Wordpress development

Spree custom programming | Spree development

SilverStripe custom programming | SilverStripe development

These modifications are done to improve SEO, to improve the look of a site, or to add functionality such as Print on Demand which may be required for certain applications.