• What to expect from the Custom Website

    • You can expect professionally designed pages with content you provide to adequately showcase your business. The pages will be in PHP or HTML.
  • What happens after I sign up for the Custom Website? What is the process?

    • The Project Manager will contact you.

      • Once you have signed up for the Custom Website, you will be contacted by an Account Manager. Internet Business Consulting Services Corporation wants to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the work that is done. It is the Account Managers job to make sure that happens. The Account Manager will contact you and find out the necessary details to complete your custom website.
        This will include things like:
        Examples of Sites that you like, the URL, hosting information, if we won't be hosting your site, content for the home page, about us page, and contact us pages.
    • You will be delivered mock-ups.

      • Once the Account Manager has the all of the necessary information to complete your site he or she will forward that to a Project Manager who will over see the production of your Custom Website. The Project Manager will assign someone on the design team to create a custom design based on the information that you have provided to IBCScorp. In fact the design team will create two designs. These designs will be sent to you for approval. You can select which design you like and can even ask for changes one time for these designs. For example if you would like items moved around or colors changed.
    • The actual site will be completed.

      • Once the mockup is complete, the design is cut and coded into actual HTML or PDF Pages with the content you have provided.
    • The site is quality checked.

      • The developer then turns the site over to a Q&A staff to check to make sure the site is done properly and that the quality is good.
    • The site is delivered to you.

      • Once the site has passed through the Quality Assurance Department it is sent back to the Account Manager who will contact you and let you review the final website. You have a chance to review the site and if anything is incorrect let us know within the next 5 business days so that we can fix any errors.
    • Any required training is provided.