SEO Entry Package

Annual Price: $3,289

Monthly Price $299


  • Monthly package requires a 3-month minimum contract
  • Annual price is for 11 months - the 12th month is free.


The Internet Business Consulting Services Corporation SEO Light Package is for those with a small SEO / Marketing Budget. The SEO Light Package includes 5 hours per month of individualized SEO work. This work can be any variety of Search Engine Optimization Tasks including: Link Building, Keyword Optimization, URL Optimization, helping add keywords to pages, etc. It also includes a monthly Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Evaluation and consultation.


SEO & Web Marketing Components

  • One 18 point site inspection
  • Four 21 point page inspections
  • Six pages optimized and tracked
  • 20 CCI (Certifiable Competitive Indexed) Keywords Targeted, re-evaluated at each marketing review meeting.
  • High Quality CLV (Certifiable Link Value) Creation = 300  
  • 12 Optimized Press Releases, reviewed and pushed to social networks, national syndicates/traditional news-wire & niche markets; one each month
  • Google & Bing Feed Management - Completed once a year.

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