1. Place an Order for a Logo Design

When you place an order for a logo design, whether you do it online, over the phone or in person iBCSCorp will gather information from you about your business and desires.  This information helps us determine how to design a logo that will satisfy your desires.  Some information we might ask for are adjectives describing how you want your logo to look, colors you might like, or examples of other logo's you like or don't like, what your business does and its focus.

Adjectives describing your logo might be high-tech, bold, stylish, elegant, simple, clean etc.

Color themes are important.  You can find some ideas about colors here: http://static.colourlovers.com.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/images/top-web-brand-colors.html

Logos you like or don't like: certainly you want your logo to be unique, however ideas can come by looking at other peoples logos and what they communicate.

An understanding of your business and how it is unique helps us to create a logo which will as much as possible communicate the essence of your company.

2. You are assigned an account manager and design team who create 5 logo designs

Your account manager will verify that he/she understand your requirements and your vision.  Your order will be assigned to strong design team.  They will create 5 disparate logos.  To make sure they are different, no two will be created by any one logo designer.

3. In just 3-5 days your 5 designs are delivered

A few days after your order has been assigned to designers, your account manager will contact you to show you the completed logos and to get your feed back.  A logo should be considered something which isn't changing that often so we want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the final design.  You may chose a logo from the 5 or or maybe you want elements of two combined into a new one.  Your requests and recommendations are taken back to the designers for a final logo creation.

4. Changes are finalized

After your account manager has sent back to the designers your recommendations and wishes, they make any final changes you request.  These changes are reviewed by the quality assurance department and the final logo is  and sent back for your final approval.

5. New Logo Delivery

Finally the logo is delivered to you as a high resolution EPS, JPG and PNG image.  This new image is uniquely yours hand crafted to meet your specific business needs.