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"I have been involved in Internet based businesses, consulting, marketing and development for over 15 years.  Still each time I review an iBCScorp marketing evaluation, I learn stuff about the targeted web site that I never would have realized had the evaluation not been done.  "No matter how much time you have spent on your site, having a third party professional SEO person evaluate it will help you find opportunities you didn't see before"  ........James Cluff

What is an SEO / Web marketing Evaluation?

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization.  To increase ROI ( Return on Invest ) for a web site SEO is essential. SEO is technological process or art to improve the volume and quality of traffic to a website through Search Engines. Through good and ethical SEO we can bring more quality web traffic to your business web site through what is called natural search results.

During the SEO / Web Marketing Evaluation our experts look at how the search engines are ranking your site, how popular your site is compared to competitors, and at what key words or variation of words are missing from your site which if added could increase the relevancy of your site, and the relevancy of site related traffic.

If you feel it is important to understand your market and customers and what it is that they are looking for relative to your product line, then an SEO / Web Marketing Evaluation is a must.

Why is it so important that an SEO Evaluation is done periodically?

Internet or www is fully dynamic and every day thousands and thousands of web sites are added.  Every day there are more and more competitors to any specific service or product on Internet. To be a good player in the internet market you need to understand your current position, the direction your headed, and why.

Even if you don't rely on the internet for a source of new customers or to make it possible for your customers to find you an evaluation may help you realize areas that you are week on content on your current site, which your customers care about.

In other words it is about marketing to current and potential customers not just search engine traffic.

How an SEO evaluation benefits your company?

Through periodical web evaluations you can understand your business better and improve the profitability and success of your business.

We offer periodic evaluations based on the type of SEO services we are offering your company. At the end of the evaluation you should:

  • Know if your site popularity is going up or down.
  • Know if your traffic is going up or down.
  • Know where the source of your traffic is coming from.
  • Understand what customers are doing on your site - what are they most interested in what are not.
  • Improve on areas that you can to better serve the needs of your customers.
  • Understand the effectiveness of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns if applicable.
  • Be able to even determine if one version of a sales page is more effective than another one through different types of testing.

Ethical SEO

Many people have many different ideas about what SEO means. For example an owner of a web development company once said "SEO is just voodoo black magic and a waste of time".  This is completely true if it isn't done properly.  There are many stories of SEO companies promising great immediate results only to have their customers banned from the search engines for doing things they shouldn't have been doing.

However Ethical SEO is not about tricking the search engines into thinking your content is relevant. Instead it is about being relevant, being targeted, and about communicating effectively to your clients in a way and place that is easy for them to understand. It is all about being relevant and valued to your customers. SEO Optimization is a marketing tool that helps you more effectively target your market, online and offline.

Knowing what your customers are looking for and helping them find it by articulating what you do in a way they can understand and that is relevant to them is important for any business.


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