Increase relevant web traffic using SEO Expert Service

Of  course we cannot control the web.  But we can help you get more traffic for your online business.  How Can we do that?  Search Engine Optimization - (SEO).

The art of SEO

Search Engine Optimization - (SEO) is the technological process or art of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website through Search Engines.  We can drive more traffic/visitors to web site through search engines.   SEO depends on important keywords and key phases which are relevant to your web site, web page or Blog content.  We can use SEO to  focus on your target market and to increase natural or unpaid visits.  We can help you do this with a national SEO Campaign or one focused on a regional area such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Miami.  SEO can also be effective even in small towns like Saint George, Utah.

How is SEO done?

Well there are what we think are correct ways and an incorrect ways of doing SEO.  For example, there is an industry term called Black Hat SEO. This might involve doing things like keyword overloading, keyword hiding and cloaking.  Basically, they are attempts to trick search engines into giving a page a high ranking when really it shouldn't have one.

Proper Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) generally includes activities such as keyword research and development, competitive analysis and industry benchmarking, back-end coding optimization, website submissions and results reporting.


Keyword research and development

We can analyze your page or pages and determine which keywords are most important and help you find and add additional keywords which will attract the right customers to your site through search engines.

Competitive analysis

You should know your competitors. If you do not know that how can you boost your business? You need to analyze them to get better results for your products. IBCS Corp search engine optimization professionals work to understand your business and competitors.

Back-end coding optimization

You have a web site or store that has loads on computer codes. Present search engines are intelligent enough to read the entire code of your web site. Unnecessary coding and improper coding will push you back to the search engines. Our SEO Service delivers back-end code optimization to have better results for your business on search engines.

Website Submissions

Does Google know about website? Does Yahoo! know your site? What about Bing? If your website needs big traffic, website substitution is essential. Search engines must be aware of your site to bring traffic to your business. There are lot of other search engines on the web as well. IBCS Corp SEO Service provide this essential service to get the best results for you.

Results Reporting

Results are a must to improve and track the Return on Investment (ROI) for your business. iBCS Corp delivers a report every month, about your website progress. We are provide these results using a series of SEO efforts. These results are unique. And targeted to your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may target different kinds of search, including web search, image search, local search, video search and industry-specific search engines.

We offer quality SEO services to deliver results fast.  IBCScorp always serves you with the latest Search Engine optimization trends and methods. We are very confident in our ability to deliver SEO results.


Top 5 Reasons why you should be doing SEO

1. SEO brings quality customers and visitors to your web site for a lower cost.

These new customers make new opportunities to boost your business goals. SEO will help you to grow on the internet, as well as in the public eye..

2. Competitors also use SEO.

The Internet grows every day with new websites. Many of those web sites may be your competitors. Sometimes they will be on top in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) because of their SEO strategies. Therefore, your website also needs an SEO plan to reach the top of the SERPs.

3. SEO helps you keep up with your competitors and helps prevent customers from going to your competitors. 

This is extremely important if you have an established brand or customer base because your competitors could use your name or your brand name to steal your customers. That is right, customers can use your company and brands to attract your customers away using Search Engine Optimization and other web marketing tools. So, at least for your name and brands, you need to be better at it than they are.

4. Build Brand Awareness.  

SEO is the best way to aware the public about your brand. SEO is fully targeted to your business. When people search a word related to your brand,  through the Search engines, it is intelligent enough to filter results from loads of stuff. Targeted SEO will improve your brand more and more.

5. Generates Ideas

SEO will bring you more and more good and worthy ideas about your business and how to conduct your business.


Good reasons to Outsource SEO

Search Engine Optimization can be very time consuming


The Keyword Optimization for SEO

You can not start to optimize your web site with out a proper plan. A proper Search Engine Optimization Plan begins with keyword research. Finding keywords that are appropriate to your web site can be difficult. You have to think of and discover terms that other people use, not yourself. You need to track the most targeted keywords from thousands of key words or phases. Worse, these trends change from time to time based on environmental factors! We use specialized tools and know how to find the most appropriate keywords for each page of your site. If you are not specialized in SEO, this is even more of a daunting task.


Competitor Analysis for SEO

Competitor analysis is another essential thing in SEO.   It is vital to know especially how your competitors are using keywords.  It is time consuming to get a good analytic report. If you are not familiar with SEO Competitor Analysis, you cannot do competitor analysis properly.  If you are unable to get a good result think about all the time you have spent.


Link Building for SEO

Link building is also an important but time consuming part of SEO. You have to get the links from relevant sources. Searching relevant sources and placing links on those sources takes a lot of time. In fact just finding the right places to link can be time consuming as placing the wrong ones can actually hurt your ranking.

Our Search Engine Optimization team is dedicated to deliver fast SEO service for you for any project that given to us.  This not only saves you time, but delivers professional results.


Outsourcing Search Engine Optimization will put a third party on the case who will see things you won't see

Part of the concept of SEO or online marketing is seeing the world differently than you do now.  You are in the internal environment of the your web project.  But an outside SEO professional viewing it from the outside will absorb your web site more than you, including very high technical issues that won't be seen by you, and have ideas and angles that cannot be thought of on your own.  Even inside our own company we review each others work and find ways to improve it.  It is always best if you have the budget to outsource to an SEO professional and do the web marketing, Search Engine Marketing Management (SEMM) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site.


We have a Search Engine Optimization team doing it full time while you may have a business to run or at least other things to do

Proper Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of time and focus.  SEO Basic concept is to filter appropriate results from billions of web pages in the Internet.  We literally analyze each page comparing it with competitor pages and analyze how it responds or would be ranked based on relevant keywords. We might even analyze ROI based on keyword.


We don't want to discourage do-it-yourself Search Engine Optimization

In fact Search Engine Optimization is such a big job that we want to work with you do it.  We want to work closely with you teaching you as much as you want to learn.  At the end of the day you know your market probably better than we do, we want to just extend or maximize your reach by providing professional assistants.  We do want to point out though that if you do bad SEO (aka black hat SEO), even without knowing, your website will be punished by search engines. Sometimes they might completely remove your web site from their databases, and search engine robots and spiders will never visit your web site. That's one reason we believe you need to outsource professional SEO company or at least consult with one.


Because we do Search Engine Optimization full time, we are current on the technology

iBCS Corp is a web developing company that gives you total solutions for your online business. Our experts and specialist are always keeping an eye on every technology that comes to market.  And our SEO team also adapts with search engine changes.  It is almost impossible to stay current on the changes made by search engines which affect your Page Rank, or search engine results.  iBCS Corp's SEO team is always involved and current on these technological issues so you don't have to be and so we can deliver best results for you.


We use many Search Engine Optimization tools which are sophisticated and would take a long time to learn

Our SEO team uses some great tools to optimize your web site.  These tools are not only very sophisticated but expensive too. You would need to learn to use these Search Engine Optimization tools to get the best performance.  But our Professional team of SEO experts are well qualified on these tools and they are very well adapted to using them. They have answers for your every SEO matter.


To win over your competition, you should outsource Search Engine Optimization to experts

If you need quick and professional results you definitely need to have professional Search Engine Optimizer. Because they are very knowledge-able about search engines and there behavior. To get suitable results your web site, there are complicated guide lines that you must follow.  If someone need products listed in pet store and he typed the key phrase “Pet Store Products”, can you imagine how many results might be there? More than 33,000,000 results. How could you come up and win this terrible competition. You need the experts or professionals who we call Search Engine Optimizers.


For these reasons it's better to outsource a Search Engine Optimizer for your project.

We've done SEO for customers all over, including:

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