Business SEO Package 

Annual Price: $10,967

Monthly Price $997


  • Monthly package requires a 3-month minimum contract
  • Annual price is for 11 months - the 12th month is free.

The Certifiable SEO package for Business is perfect for small to medium sized businesses to help establish a web presence and to establish authority of the site.  This authority brings the site up in search engines and drives traffic to the site.  The Business SEO package is perfect to augment existing staff by providing SEO expertise from full-time SEO experts to help leverage and maximize the ROI from work done by in-house individuals. 

If your business does not have in-house content writers, then content creation may be added to the package.

The bottom line is that if you want your site to be seen by many individuals or to come up first in Google, then it should deserve or earn that right to be first.  It is not possible to maintain high-level ranking without good content and without providing some value to the target market.

The Business SEO Package includes the following items: 

SEO & Web Marketing Components

  • An 18 point site inspection four times a year (Quarterly)
  • A 21 point page inspections, two each month for a total of 24
  • 24 pages optimized and tracked, two each month
  • 60 CCI (Certifiable Competitive Indexed) Keywords Targeted, re-evaluated at each marketing review meeting.
  • High Quality CLV (Certifiable Link Value) Creation = 1500  
  • 24 Optimized Press Releases, reviewed and pushed to social networks, national syndicates/traditional news-wire & niche markets; 2 each month
  • Google & Bing Feed Management - Completed four times a year (Quarterly)

Certifiable Marketing Tools

  • Twelve SEO Maketing Reports  – one each month that includes Search Engine Results Page (SERP) data focused on 40 major trending keywords/phrases, history of page optimization, and press release report.


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